Account Management

Account managers play a crucial role maintaining relationships with your customers. Your business may fall into the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. In this case it makes sense to separate into Account Managers and Key Account Managers, because these key customers represent such a significant portion of your business, and to ensure their long-term satisfaction and success with your company. 


Dutytaker can assist you developing a workforce of Account Managers to balance the demands of your general customer population and those customers who drive the majority of your revenue. We work well as an integrated part of your team to empower you to focus on your significant business drivers providing essential account management or work with you in developing a white-glove support process for your key accounts.


Account Management

Duttaker will establish a team of account managers to service your clients, post-sale with a well-defined process. We build a clear engagement framework to ensure the account managers work diligently with your clients to help achieve your clients and your goals during the lifecycle of the account.

Key Account Management

Key accounts drive more revenue than others and are therefore critical to the health of your overall business. We develop workflow processes to allow you to focus on your key accounts, either by taking regular accounts off your plate or working with our specialized key account management team to develop white glove strategies that support your goals and helping you execute the constant, demanding workload of your key accounts with highly skilled and trained individuals who can support your most challenging clients.

Account Management KPI's

Account management can only be improved by constantly measuring and adjusting the process and outcomes for your clients. We start the role with clearly defined KPI's we will measure to ensure we are achieving your goals and the right outcomes for your clients. We look at various performance indicators around retaining your clients: Retention Rate Customer Churn Rate Customer Satisfaction Score No. of Support Requests No. of Support Calls No. of Emails Time to Resolution Product Engagement