Content Moderation

In this digitized world, where social media have a strong presence in one’s life, content moderation is necessary to protect your brand. Suppose you have some products or service in your business, and those are selling nicely in the market. Most customers are pleased with your offerings. But unfortunately, in one lousy morning, some angry customer put some bad reviews of your products on the comment sector of your website, and it went live on your page and share screenshot of the comment in different social media channels. What will happen to your business? The afford you put into developing your brand, may destroy in a single day. Can you afford to do this?

No, you can not afford to destroy your brand value in such a way. So, you need to double check user contents before it goes live to your website or social media sites. If required, your team should moderate the content before it went live. Thus you need 

Image and video moderation service to Save Your Brand.

In digital marketing, reducing the bounce rate is one of the most crucial factors to improve your site traffic. Bounce rate can be reduced if you can make the site the visitor friendly and optimise it according to Google’s SEO guideline and keyword search recommendation. Thus you need regular Content Moderation to make Your Site SEO Friendly.

Suppose you have a dating site with a free and paid subscription. People visit your website to find out their crush, partner, or friend. But if somehow they can share their contact details via your site, there will be no necessity for them to stack at your website. This is not an ideal situation for your business, that may cause the reduction of the website traffic. As an owner, you never want this type of situation. Thus Content Moderation is Needed to Keep Your Existing Customer on Your Site.

World of P? Porn… Yes, you guess, right. Porn sites populate Today’s world wide web. Porn video, child pornography, bestiality, rape and other vulgar videos are widely available in the website due to the power of the world of P. Suppose you have social media business, registered in a location where these types of content are illegal. Some of your subscribers upload some videos of this kind on your platform, and it goes live in the web without moderation. If any law enforcement agency catches this type of video in your social media site, they will blame you firstly, then the user. Recently Tik-Tok, a media sharing platform is banned in India, due to the allegation of spreading child pornography and destroying Indian culture through this media. This may happen to your company at any time. Thus you need to keep track of all your site contents and Moderate Your Social Media Site Regularly to Protect Your Brand from Unwanted Legal Hazard.

How to Moderate Web Content?

You cannot moderate your site regularly by your own, as it required 24/7 attention. You either need to build a moderation team, or outsource the moderation activities to a developing country where labour cost is relatively low. You even can adopt new technologies like AI-powered deep learning algorithm which may eliminate unwanted content from your website. However, such technology is still in the growing stage and need a lot of improvement to be accurate. This technology adaptation process is expensive too, especially for the start-ups and SMEs. Human moderation is still the most effective way to moderate your web contents, as this is scale-able convenient and less expensive than the technology adaptation. In-house moderation team building is also the not fruitful idea in developed country perspective, as you need to pay the team a reasonable sum of the money as wage, but you may not get any business profit from them. Yes, you may have firm control on the moderation team, however, can you afford to spend a sound share of your money for content moderation which only requires for safeguarding your business that very often make you invest money without generating enough revenue for you? Thus the most fruitful alternative is outsourcing the moderation operation to a professional firm, who can do it effectively at a much lower price.

How can Dutytaker Help?

At Dutytaker we offer 24/7/365 moderation service. We have a dedicated team for content moderation and quality checkup. Most of the team members have over two years of experience of content moderation. Our moderators’ moderate contents in a very effective way, and then all the moderation works are checked by the QA team. Thus, we provide moderation service maintaining very high quality. All our services come with very attractive pricing. Our in-house QA facilities and other add-on moderation services are free.

So, what are you thinking about? Please give us a trial.