24/7 Content Moderation Team

If your website or mobile app has a lot of content being uploaded and exchanged by users 24/7, you will most certainly require a real-life moderator to check the content exchanges between users. 

Without content moderation, the website or mobile service may violate intellectual property rights or contain inappropriate content that may scare away users. 

Content Moderation Outsourcing

Dating Site Moderation

We remove inappropriate images dating crm app and posts on web services.

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Social Media Moderation

Our live moderation filters out inappropriate user-generated Comments and posts.

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Video Moderation Service

We filter out inappropriate and sexually explicit user-generated Videos.

Content Moderatation

Image Moderation Service

We filter out inappropriate user-generated images.

We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge in moderation results


experiences through exceptional people and process innovation.


scaling and unrivaled agility through unexpected change.


We offer 24/7 content moderation service. Our winning team was able to offer 99.1% error-free content moderation during their current and previous assignment. We handle content moderation in multiple languages and are experts at incorporating the latest technologies into moderation processes.

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We reinvented the outsourcing model. Pay a single invoice a month including Talent Recruiting, Training, Equipment, Reporting and Headcount. All in.

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Hire onshore or offshore. Support as a Service is dynamic, so you only commit to the next month. Learn more about pricing, paid monthly, based on output.

Offshore Team

Resolve issues quickly across all channels: email, chat, social media and voice. Promote dedicated agents to manage specific channels.

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