Customer Success

Customer Success is the long-term, scientifically engineered, and professionally directed strategy for maximizing customer and company sustainable proven value. It is relationship-focused client management, that aligns your clients and your goals for mutually beneficial outcomes. There are various definitions of Customer Support and quite frankly they depend on your companies structure, product and goals. We have seen customers where Account Management and Customer Success are handled with the exact same process and there is no distinction, and other customers draw the line based on revenue linked outcomes.


Dutytaker can assist you establishing and running your Customer Success Team within your established functions or we can help you re-define these roles and establish a new team around Customer Support for you, following todays best practices based on learnings from CX Teams over the past ten years as SaaS companies have redefined this role and the expected outcomes. 


Customer Success

Your Customer Success team at Dutytaker will address the core issues of customer portfolio development, retention, and expansion. We help you establish a team of Customer Support agents who are an integration of functions and activities of Marketing, Sales, Professional Services, Training and Support into the Customer Support role.

We will work with you to ensure your CS agents will be well rounded and have ongoing training to gain:

- an in-depth knowledge of your customers
- effective expertise in your product
- extensive domain expertise

Churn Fighters

We have seen in many cases that Customer Success Management initiatives start out as churn-rate, a reactive tactical team that is charged with saving an at-risk customer relationship.

This is just the beginning. The most successful CX teams gather and use the data from every client interaction to move from a reactive mode and into far more effective proactive steps.

Customer Success KPI's

CX can only be improved by constantly measuring and adjusting the process and outcomes for your clients. We start the role with clearly defined KPI’s we will measure to ensure we are achieving your goals and the right outcomes for your clients.

We look at various performance indicators around the success of your clients:

Portfolio Growth
MRR Retention
Account Retention
Product Adoption
Product Engagement
Onboarding Time
Customer Health Mix
Customer Satisfaction Score
Average Customer Revenue
No. of Support Requests
Time to Resolution