Image Annotation Outsourcing

For Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Outsource High-Accuracy Image Annotation at Scale

Dutytaker allocates teams of experienced annotators to meet your short and long-term volume of image annotation such us Semantic Segmentation, Line Annotation, Polygon Annotation, Bounding Boxes Annotation, Data Labeling among others. Train your Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs by adding Human-in-the-Loop.

We label and classify 2D and 3D objects, instruments, signs, tools, and bodies. We work for sectors such as Healthcare, Agriculture, Autonomous Vehicles, Retail, Robotics, Mining, Entertainment, Drones, and others.

We take pay-per-task annotation projects ranging from thousands to millions of annotations per month, or arrange full-time specialist teams allocated to your Machine Learning (ML) programs, a set-up optimized for long-term, high-volume needs.

Our Annotation Workflow

We only work with in-house specialists, a set-up that enables pixel-perfect accuracy level, complete compliance with your guidelines, the ability to keep planned control of team scalability, and an unmatched commitment to deadlines.

Our Annotators Learn and Master Your Annotation Dashboard

We adapt and work with your existing dashboard. We currently work with dozens of different platforms developed by our clients, and continuously suggest UX improvements in order to maximize our annotators’ productivity.

No Proprietary Annotation Dashboard? No Problem

Meet our own annotation platform. Its UX design is optimized to handle high-volume and multi-user annotation at unparalleled accuracy and efficiency standards, lowering task AHT (Average Handle Time) while keeping high-quality control. Obtain ground truth results real-time with the format of your choice — JSON, PNG mask among others.

Sync Content and Results Through Our API

Our tagging platform fetches images from your server and uploads back results through our API in the format of your choice.

Your Data Is Yours

We permanently delete your datasets upon completion of milestones and our in-house team is under strict NDA to protect your business confidentiality.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Identify and categorize social media content

Machine Learning​

Machine Learning

Train algorithms faster and at scale

Image Annotation​

Image Annotation

Annotation, tagging, comparison, and recognition

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