Outsourcing for AI

AI engines take control of an increasing number of tasks, but under certain conditions they still fail. We take it from there. Our specialists are trained to help AI algorithms with critical tasks which require analytical human decisions. Real-time. 24/7. At scale.

Sentiment Analysis

Machine Learning

Image Annotation



Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Identify and categorize social media content with sentiment score and sentiment classification

Machine Learning​

Machine Learning

Train machine learning algorithms faster and at scale with unsupervised learning method

Image Annotation​

Image Annotation

Annotation, text analysis tagging, comparison, reinforcement learning, and recognition

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Dutytaker is the shortest path to implement omnichannel customer service with a proven and structured framework.


Everything gets documented so that we can rapidly scale a large number of new agents for your business when you need them.


We have build in agent buffers and safe guards to ensure constant operations and fast response times during your support operations.

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