Outsourcing Machine Learning

For Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Automating Analytical Model Building by Machine Learning (ML) Is a Reality. Done by Humans.

We support the humans who guide machines in their ML processes by showing them how to solve both basic and advanced problems.

Our specialists support your AI engine in Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines, Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines, Principal Component Analysis, and other ML algorithms. We provide trained human interaction to meet your Machine Learning deadlines, ahead of schedule.


Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Identify and categorize social media content

Machine Learning​

Machine Learning

Train algorithms faster and at scale

Image Annotation​

Image Annotation

Annotation, tagging, comparison, and recognition

Tools & Technologies we collaborated


Dutytaker is the shortest path to implement omnichannel customer service with a proven and structured framework.


Everything gets documented so that we can rapidly scale a large number of new agents for your business when you need them.


We have build in agent buffers and safe guards to ensure constant operations and fast response times during your support operations.

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