Understanding UK customer Support within the B2B business

Understanding UK customer Support within the B2B business

As technology continues to maneuver forward, a lot of companies are seeing a flow of international customers that didn’t exist a decade agone. for several firms based within the united states, a large percentage of their new international customers are from the united kingdom (aka “the UK”). made up of four countries – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland – the united kingdom might share a common language with the USA, however there area unit some notable cultural differences.

Here are many things to grasp regarding customer support within the UK and how it’s completely different from other countries…

They’re heavily work-focused when on the clock – Brits (what people in the UK are referred to) usually start the workday later than some other countries and end it earlier, however, once they area unit within the workplace, their work is a sturdy focus. this means that support interactions happen primarily throughout traditional business hours for many industries. also don’t be stunned if your support team gets a lot of emails throughout what ought to be their “lunchtime”. It will be more popular for Brits to order-in lunch and take an extended break later within the day.
Brits area unit usually a lot of skeptical in support conversations – once it involves having a positive perspective on support problems, Brits usually don’t lead the means. typically conventional as demoralized, they can be a lot of hesitant to believe a fast answer will work than customers from different countries. If a B2B support resolution appears “too sensible to be true”, they typically lean towards skepticism rather than optimism.
Brits worth sincerity, empathy, and kindness in their support – within the British culture, honesty, sincerity, and sympathy in client service reign supreme. instead of being swayed by a “flashy” possibility which may fix their drawback, it’s common for Brits to put the next priority on reliability first. Having a support agent that they recognize is authentic and type holds larger worth than one United Nations agency proposes daring solutions that will or might not work promptly.
Simply put, UK customer support is all regarding mastering the fundamentals. Brits need modern support innovations, however, having wonderful B2B support experiences with agents they recognize and trust is commonly the highest priority.

If you’re a US company looking to boost your B2B support for your United Kingdom customers, target providing a wonderful and completely staffed team throughout their work hours and worry less about 24/7 phone support (unless it’s needed for your industry). Since Brits are usually less probably to require their work home with them than American or Japanese professionals, it becomes a lot of important to confirm they aren’t awaiting a support agent throughout the little window of hours throughout the day when they can decide in.
Lastly, it conjointly is sensible to make “British” versions of your most popular self-service pages then purpose customers with the United Kingdom IP addresses to those pages. whereas most English is the same between American and British English, their area unit still minor nuances that exist. Having a page written in “UK English” can modify you stand out a lot from the competition and shows you care about your United Kingdom customers.

Having United Kingdom customers as a USA company will typically be a challenge, but once you perceive their distinctive desires, they will sometimes change into nice advocates for your business! Contact Us