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Bounding Boxes

Ideal for object classification and localization models. Simplifies the process by drawing boxes around objects of interest.

Cuboid Annotation

Extends bounding boxes to three dimensions. Essential for applications in construction, autonomous vehicles, and augmented reality.

Polygonal Annotation

Perfect for objects with irregular shapes. Offers precise localization and reduces confusion during model training.

Keypoint Annotation

Identifies facial recognition or skeletal features for movement-based algorithms. Enables accurate tracking of human movements and object keypoints.


Classifies products into categories, facilitating the initial stages of model building. Provides valuable context and searchability.

Line Annotation

Detects various types of lanes on roads for self-driving vehicles. Delineates boundaries between different parts of an image, including lane markings and drivable areas.

Semantic Segmentation

Labels every pixel in an image, providing a complete understanding of the scene. Ideal for scenarios where detailed segmentation is required.

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