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The world’s most innovative tech products are scaling faster and more efficiently by outsourcing backstage operations to SaaS specialists. Acquire the peace of mind that allows you focus on user retention, recurring revenue, or customer acquisition.

We provide full cycle competing strategy, business process optimization, development through revolutionary technology and the best talent to deliver transformational, digital scale. Competitive Outsourcing? The Answer is Us.


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Customer Support Outsourcing

We help you map your CX journey, Email support, live chat support, omni channel helpdesk services, CRM management, loyalty program management, customer retention omni-channel & customer support outsourcing

Content Moderatation

Data Processing Support

We handle all of your back office operational support putting customers first, Virtual assistants, invoice & order management, appointment management, database management, application processing.

Data Annotation Team

Image processing and annotation, video annotation, 3D point cloud annotation, speech recognition, text processing, RBA training, emotional intelligence assistance, multi-lingual chatbot training.



experiences through exceptional people and process innovation.


scaling and unrivaled agility through unexpected change.


Our service is fully managed. We use three levels of management: local, client-specific and data-driven. This improves performance autonomously.

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We pre-train agents to work with new clients. Get in touch with our CX onboarding team or launch a long term data processing support

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Hire onshore or offshore. Support as a Service is dynamic, so you only commit to the next month. Learn more about pricing, paid monthly, based on output.

Offshore Data Entry

Resolve issues quickly across all channels: email, chat, social media and voice. Promote dedicated agents for offshore data entry to manage specific channels.

Tools & Technologies We Collaborated

Tools & Technologies We Collaborated

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